The original texts are available for the fee listed below, which includes shipping and handling.

    1. Dr. Richard has published in the field of medical acupuncture. Her most recent article, "Acupuncture for reduction of post trauma medication," was published in the prestigious medical journal Medical Acupuncture, Volume 13, No. l, Page 38 through 39.  Available for a service fee of $10.00

    2. In September of 1990 Dr. Richard published a letter to the editor of Dentistry Today Journal on "Traumatic injuries to the temporo-mandibular joint." Available for a service fee of $10.00

    3. In the 1995 spring and summer issue of the TM Diary Journal of the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain, Dr. Richard published an article entitled "Potential drug interactions faced daily," detailing the consequences of performing procedures on patients who take multiple medications and analyzing the potential problems caused by drug interactions.  Available for a service fee of $10.00

    4. Recently, Dr. Richards penned My Book, a guide to living for parents and students alike. " My Book is based on my life experiences - early childhood through adulthood - and tracks the progression of my aspirations," said Dr. Richard. "Everything in this book shows how I became the person I am today. I share it because there is no reason that others shouldn't be equally successful in everything they try. I recommend it as monthly reading to inspire you on your journey through life. I consider it a blueprint and a must for parents who want to launch their children onto medical or dental careers."  Available for a service fee of $35.00

    5. Dr. Richard's chapter on Traumatic torticollis/dystonia: This is a review of the world's literature, including Dr. Richard's cases. Dr. Richard developed a cure for cases of torticollis / dystonia (tilted neck syndrome.)  Available for a service fee of $45.00

    6. Dr. Richard's medical school thesis, "Acute renal failure following cardiac by-pass surgery", is available. Many patients have irreversible changes in their organs after being exposed to hypothermia. This paper is highly recommended regarding research needs in this field. It is a critique on the Nih-Dhew Research Needs in Nephrology and Urology book series. There are critical tests to do pre-operatively and post-operatively. The document includes a summary of the MD thesis as well.  Available for a service fee of $50.00

    7. Sparring with an Airbag, Connecticut Post, June 29, 2008: Airbags deployed in an automobile accident may injury the head, neck and jaw. Victims may not even be aware of the problem until week or even months afterward.  Available for a service fee of $5.00

      8.Connecticut Post, Feb 15, 2009. Narcotic Therapy: A Real Pain. Dr Richard discusses opioid induced hyperalgesia where by individuals develop increased super sensitivity to even mild irritations and ways to avoid this clinical problem.  Available for a service fee of $10.00