Dr. Richard developed the cure for Medicaltraumatic torticollis-spasmodic dystonia, a condition whereby a patient's head tilts uncontrollably to one side due to trauma. This is just one of the unique conditions that has both medical and dental indicators.

Another such condition is space-adaptation syndrome. There is an inherent medical/dental relationship between certain cerebral nerve cell groups. Many people withDental disturbances provoked by aerospace flight conditions seek Dr. Richard's know-how in analyzing aerospace medicine disorders. Of course, Dr. Richard routinely treats pain in all areas of the body, such as headaches, neck pain, chronic back pain, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, shoulder/arm/wrist/hand pain, sciatica, and leg/knee/ankle/foot pain.

When a patient has been unsuccessfully treated elsewhere, which is Medicaloften the case, Dr. Richard carefully reviews the history and medical records of the illness and then addresses the diverse needs of each patient individually.

Dr. Richard has made landmark discoveries in hematology, metabolism and orthopedics. She has received distinguished awards in these areas.